Our Story

Like a lot of busy working moms, cousins Julie and Susan often concluded their days with conversation and laughter over a glass(es) of wine. Whether catching up in person or virtually, they first had to “get their Winepants on.”

Founders Julie and SusanEventually, the inside joke about getting comfortable started taking on more meaning. After all, most women have spent enough time caught between sweats, yoga pants, and pajamas — it was time for something better - something uniquely developed for women to represent their own, individual downtime.

That’s when they decided to create Winepants; a luxe, fashionable pant, beautifully designed for comfort and style, with a universally flattering fit and one that would represent their time for self-care. The women worked hard to find the right designer and searched the globe to source the finest, softest fabric with just the right amount of stretch. That’s how Winepants became the ultimate “in-activewear” revealing a combination of comfort and quality that tells your friends and family you’ve earned — and are taking — some me-time.

"Whether pouring a glass of wine to relax with a book, or curl up on the couch to watch a favorite TV show, Winepants are an important reminder that every woman needs to look after herself with the same love and devotion as she gives to others."  ~Julie, Founder