Dreaming of Somedays

Dreaming of Somedays

As we continue to dream of our Someday vacations, when travel bans are lifted and social distancing has dissipated, why not think outside-the-box and create a unique travel experience for today's times? Either alone, with your significant other, a girls-only escape, or with the kids - here are some inspirational ideas:

Cozy Cabin

If you're ready to unplug and get back to basics, a cozy cabin in the woods might be the perfect getaway. A roaring fire, hot cocoa, s'mores, and plenty of board games to bring comfort back to your life.

Cottage on the Beach

Is the ocean calling you? The sound of the waves as you drift off to sleep and awaken to in the morning. Sipping your morning coffee as you stroll down the beach, calming the mind, spirit and soul. Later in the day, going to market to pick out dinner – fresh seafood, vegetables and a local wine. The beach automatically creates an atmosphere of healing and renewal.

Glamping Under the Stars

If you like the idea of camping, but know that it involves way to much nature, glamping might be the perfect balance. The glamping trend is growing rapidly and so are the options. From luxury tree houses to canvas tents with lounge areas and king size beds, they all provide comfort and amenities to help you enjoy the outdoor experience.  

RV Roadtrip

A road trip in the family car? What about renting an RV to elevate the experience. You can now rent an RV via the Airbnb model and find any type of RV for your needs. A small size RV or travel van can be surprisingly luxurious, giving you more freedom and mobility than the larger models.

Of course, wherever you decide to go, don't forget to bring your Winepants along as the perfect travel essential. Cozy and stylish, bringing comfort and fun to any destination. 

Cheers to enjoying this moment and looking forward to our Somedays!





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